computer graphics


3d visualization and animation

The fruits of technical fantasy always tried to be implemented on the paper and then into life. Formerly we always needed at least the drawing to imagine the future object – now by means of 3d modeling it is possible to create three-dimensional accurate model, approximate to the real with fine precision and detailing, notable for photographic accuracy.

3d modeling opens up lots of advantages and opportunities for the producer. 3d model enables to imagine in the best possible way how the project implemented into life will look, to understand its characteristics and functionality, to build the object into any surface and any environment, to study him at any angle, to easily retrieve the drawing of any component or the whole construction from 3d model. Usually 3d model can impress on much more than any other ways of presentation, it is the most effective way of visualization.

We offer the complete cycle of works in 3d visualization and animation area:

3d modeling with various levels of detailing

3d visualization of architectural objects

3d visualization of industrial objects

Creating the presentation 3d reels

Creating the interactive 3d presentations

Interactive 3d presentation is one of the most effective ways of demonstration of production and projects by means of 3d modeling with a possibility to operate the objects in real-time mode. Presentation may contain different components, depending on the company’s objectives and needs (such as product 3d-catalogue, presentation reels or corporate movie).

Car Building.
Presentation reel

ПАО «Азовобщемаш»

Steam Locomotive,
series Ob (Ov). 3d model

3ds max; mental ray;
AE, Photoshop

Mustang GT-500.
3d model

3ds max; mental ray;
AE, Photoshop

“Ulysse Nardine” watch.
3d model

3ds max; mental ray;
AE, Photoshop