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Presentation films

Presentation film is a powerful marketing instrument, essential for the development of any company. The presentation film of high quality contributes to your image strengthening among business partners, increases your business efficiency and gives a new impulse for its development and affordability.

Production of presentation films is one of the main line of our studio’s activity. We offer a wide range of services in “business video” sphere for various formats and client’s tasks:

Presentation films about a company, its production or services;

Public/corporate movies; Educational films, video-instructions;

Presentations of the products/models;

Presentations for exhibitions, congress.

The efficiency of presentation film depends not only on the information value and visualization, but also on manner and style of presentation. Each project we consider as first of all artistic task for showy and informative presentation of the company.

Car Building Reel

for PJSC Azovzagalmash

Presentation film
(car building sector)

for PJSC Azovzagalmash

“From idea to success”.
Business video

for PJSC Azovzagalmash